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How much does gymnastics cost? 

Gymnastics classes are $22.00 per session 

Homework Club is $15.00 per session 

Gymnastics + HomeWork Club are $35.00 per session

Is there a registration fee? 

Yes, there is a one off annual payment of $60.00 to cover insurance and registration with Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics NSW. This registration fee is valid across all Gymnastics NSW affiliated clubs. 

What does my child need to wear? 

Something comfortable that allows your gymnast to jump, climb and roll with ease.  In the interest of safety, accessories such as belts, buckles and jewellery should be left at home. Hair should be pulled neatly and securely away from the face. All students should be barefoot while in class.

Are the coaches qualified?

All of our coaches are fully qualified and accredited with Gymnastics Australia and have updated Working With Children Checks and First Aid. 

How do I enrol? 

Registrations can take place via our online booking form

What if I need to cancel?

Life happens  - and that's okay! We understand that there are times you may not be able to make the class. 

Trial participants can redirect their trial to an alternative date. 

Term participants can redirect their session to an alternative day. 

Please provide 12 hours notice to to arrange a new class. 

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